The Results of UniSport's Customer Survey

4/5/2020 - 21:44
Kolme naista ja yksi mies näyttävät hymyillen peukaloaan kameralle treenipyyhkeet olalla.

UniSport’s annual customer survey was conducted from January 22 to February 4 2020. ​The survey was sent to all our newsletter subscribers (17,316 people) and it was also distributed on social media. 1,488 people (8.6%) responded to the survey.​

Overall, customers are very happy with UniSport! ​Response averages circulated around the value four (scale of 1-5).​

The weakest ratings (average less than three) were given for facilities, such as dressing rooms.

In general, UniSport’s services (group training, courses, massage), staff and gyms were rated as excellent. ​

Thank you for your input and the feedback!