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Tailored sports and wellbeing packages for your organisation

We offer a range of sports, coaching, and testing services that can be tailored to suit the specific needs of your organisation. We can even arrange bespoke events for work communities and groups. We also provide comprehensive sports, meetings, and events facilities at our sports centres.

What could be nicer than taking a shared breather during the workday, moving and feeling good together?

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Customer experiences

‘UniSport provides high-quality sports services and now they even have courses and classes aimed at wellbeing. It's easy to develop a good working relationship when the range of packages is this wide and versatile – there's something for everyone.

Another important reason for choosing UniSport was how easy it is to get people excited about their services – they are inexpensive, high-quality, and easy to access. The events jointly-arranged by the National Library and UniSport are a good way to lower the threshold of getting people to participate, since they get to see what kinds of service are available and that anyone can join in.

The goal of the wellbeing at work activities is to make people feel better and exercise is a good way to do this. UniSport offers the perfect solution.

The events arranged in collaboration with UniSport have all been a success. In fact, the partnership has been exceptional and everything has always worked out the way we hoped.

- Petri Tuovinen, member of the wellbeing at work working group, University of Helsinki, National Library of Finland

‘The services provided by UniSport are more versatile than ever. In addition to sports packages, UniSport offers wellbeing services such as training days focusing on wellbeing at work and coaching and lectures on wellbeing. It was precisely UniSport's wide range of wellbeing programmes that caught our attention and we chose them due to their ease of access (services nearby) and their value for money.

UniSport met our expectations. The two-hour wellbeing package (incl. mindfulness coaching and relaxation techniques) UniSport designed for us (for about 15 people)  was professionally delivered and reasonably priced. And the practical arrangements beforehand were straightforward. Afterwards, the participants gave very positive feedback on the coaching.’

- Päivi Rundgren, HR coordinator, Aalto University, School of Engineering

We have provided services for many other institutions, including:

Aalto University schools and units, Biocenter, CIMO, Evira, Hanken, the City of Helsinki, Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies, faculties and separate departments at the University of Helsinki, HIFK, HUCH, Kela, Kone, MTT, the Football Association of Finland, the National Institute for Health and Welfare, White & Case LLP.


Company sports cards

Get your staff moving with UniSport sports cards! With a UniSport card, your staff get the freedom to exercise using our wide range of classes, no matter the place or time.

With a 10-session sports card or a monthly card, they can participate in group training and general ball sports sessions, as well as go to the gym. The monthly card also enables holders to book group training classes and ball sports sessions and go to the gym whenever they want.

Tailored group exercise or sports courses

Weekly group exercise classes or sports courses for groups of colleagues create a great sense of community around exercise and serve as a nice break from work. You can suggest what you'd like to do and influence the content of the classes. An exercise package can consist of several sports or include advanced practice of just one sport. Don’t be afraid to make suggestions or ask us for ideas! 

Weekly group exercise class, prices starting at: €160/session, minimum 11 session/month
Running school – from novice to advanced runner, prices starting at: €1,800/8-session course.

Recreational and wellbeing at work days

Employees who feel good are among the most important resources of any organisation. Recreational days and days focusing on wellbeing at work help maintain and build sustainable work communities. You can choose which elements from our range of services best suit your needs or we can design a day just for you.

Wellbeing lectures

  • The effects of an active everyday life
  • Eat smarter, feel better
  • Why taking care of your body is important to your wellbeing

Get active!

Examples of activities you can choose include: yoga, acrobatics, indoor cycling, break-time workouts, relaxation exercises, ball sports or a guided gym workout.

Testing services

  • InBody measurements

An example of a wellbeing at work day

Here is an example of a wellbeing at work package that would run in a morning. Prices start at €1,800 (price before VAT) for about 30 people. Specific terms and conditions are always defined on a case-by-case basis.

  • Welcome – morning coffee
  • Light exercise to wake up the body
  • Acrobatics class or a lecture on the effects of everyday activity
  • Kettlebell or Pilates class
  • Cooling down stretches
  • The ‘Kajastus’ bright light room is available for use during the entire event.

Get your blood pumping in Kluuvi, right at the heart of Helsinki's commercial centre, in the Otaniemi coastal region, or even in the university’s campus in the Kumpula district.  Our facilities also offer a relaxing sauna experience. Let's work together to make the perfect wellbeing day for you!


Are your shoulders or whole back stiff? At UniSport, you can also book massage services. Your dedicated massage therapist will be available for a weekly hour-long appointment. Our massage services are provided at the UniSport facilities.

Spaces for hire

UniSport has several different spaces for hire in our numerous sports centres. These are suitable for many different purposes and are an excellent choice for one-off events such as sports camps, wellbeing at work days, fairs or tradeshows, meetings, education sessions, or sports breaks. Read more about our sports centres.


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