Nainen rentoutuu ja meditoi

UniNap: classes

Is your daily life busy? Are you stressed by studies or work? UniSport can help! Book a little time for yourself and calm yourself down through UniSport's UniNap.

UniNap is a half-hour break in the midst of the busyness. UniNap begins with a 15-minute guided relaxation, which is followed by a self-guided period of rest and relaxation. Aerobics mats and blankets are used for relaxing. UniNap ends with a joint waking exercise, after which you can continue your day feeling more refreshed.

Who is it for?

UniNap is suitable for all who desire a moment of rest and time for themselves in the midst of their everyday activities.

How can I participate?

You can participate in UniNap through the weekly group exercise classes. You can come to the classes wearing your normal everyday clothes.