BODYATTACK®: classes

Work up a sweat and send your heart rate soaring in BODYATTACK® class! BODYATTACK® is one of UniSport’s energetic Les Mills classes.

BODYATTACK® is a fast-paced workout that will enhance your fitness. The workout includes easy but effective choreographies set to the rhythm of music. The class includes interval bouts alternating between sprinting and jumping sections and functional exercises developing strength and body management. An encouraging instructor and energetic music will motivate you to engage in a truly intense workout! The BODYATTACK® programme changes according to the Les Mills concept every three months.

Who is it for?

BODYATTACK® is suitable for those that want an effective and challenging aerobic workout. The instructor will also give lighter alternatives to the jumping and sprinting exercises.

How can I participate?

You can participate in BODYATTACK® through the weekly group exercise classes. Bring stretchy sports clothes, gym shoes, a towel and a drinking bottle.