A man on a spinning bike

Spin Basic

Recover quickly from more intense workouts with the UniSport Spin Basic indoor cycling class! In this class you develop your basic endurance and restore your body after more intense exercise. The class is also suitable for those that want to try out indoor cycling.

Spin Basic is a low-intensity class supporting recovery and developing the lowest level of basic endurance. The aim is to get slightly out of breath without exhausting yourself. It is a varied but moderate workout. The class does not include strenuous rises or spurts.

Who is it for?

Spin Basic is suitable for all! It is an excellent class for both a beginner’s first kind of workout as well as a recovery workout for avid-exercisers.

  • Intensity: light
  • Heart rate: 60–70%
  • Performance range: 2

How can I participate?

You can do indoor cycling in the weekly group exercise classes in Kluuvi and Meilahti.

You will need to bring with you stretchy sports clothes, cycling shoes or other hard sole gym shoes, and a drinking bottle. A sweat towel is obligatory.