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Questions and answers about the new booking system

UniSport switched to a new client data system on December 10. Here are some practical tips on how to make successful reservation, as well as answers to other frequently asked questions.

Logging in to the new system

Log in to the new system here or by clicking the calendar symbol on the top of this page.

  • If you have previously used HAKA user identification for UniSport services, click "HAKA login" and log in with your HAKA username.
  • If you have used your email address for login, order a password by clicking Forgot your password? You will receive a new password in your email. After logging in, please change the password to your preference in My Account.

If your information needs to be corrected or you are unable to log in, please contact our customer service. NB! If your password does not arrive in your email, check your spam mail as well. There may also be a delay in the arrival of the email.

Reservation and cancellation times

The terms and conditions are updated. The new terms apply to services, courses and classes that are organised from December 10. Please read the terms.

  • Group training reservations can be cancelled free of charge 2 hours before the class starts
  • Reservations of badminton or courts and halls can be cancelled free of charge 24 hours before the session.

Switch you access card at customer service

The access control system was changed on December 10. The card with bar codes will be switched to RFID cards at the customer service. Please visit customer service to switch your card as soon as possible to enable smooth training.

Frequently asked questions.

Check out the most common questions and answers below about the system. If you do not find the answer, you can email us at

I booked a service, but why didn't the reservation appear to My reservations?

Reservations concerning badminton, courses, massage, field and hall bookings must be confirmed in the shopping cart in order to activate the booking.

  • Confirm your reservation in the shopping cart by selecting "Order (Pay Later)" or "Pay Selected".

 If you do not wish to pay all of your reservations at once, make and confirm each reservation separately. If more than one product is selected into the shopping cart and confirmed by selecting "Order (Pay Later)", only one receipt will be issued for the purchase and the sum will charged in one installment.

What do the colors mean in the calendar view?
  • Green: There are places available at the class
  • Orange: There are places available in the queue
  • Red: The class is fully booked. 
  • Blue: You have booked this class.
  • Lila: You made a reservation for a queue place.
How do I know where I am in the queue?

You can see your ranking in the queue by viewing your reservation under My account and clicking the show button.

I created an account / changed my password but did not receive an email from the system. Where's the problem?

Did you check your junk mail box as well? That confirmation e-mail probably hides in there. Depending on the e-mail program, there may also be a delay in the arrival of mail.

How does queueing work?

If the class is full, you can also sign up for the queue. When a place in the class becomes available, you'll receive a message in your email.

  • Registration to the queue place is also binding. Keep an eye on your email or booking system to see if you get to the class.
  • Also, be sure to cancel your queue reservation at least two hours before the class starts if you are unable to participate.
  • The queue closes two hours before the class begins. If you did not get a place in the class, you don't have to cancel the queue reservation and a reactivation fee will not be charged for an unused reservation.
Can I export my reservation to my calendar like I could in the old system?

At this moment, reservations cannot be saved directly to your own electronic calendar. However, this is on the development list and hopefully this feature will be introduced in the system in the near future.

Why don't I see the instructor's name in class?

In the calendar view, the instructors's name is displayed when you have limited the view to one sports centre. In the list view, you will always see the instructor's name under the class.

How do I search for a specific instructor or massage therapist?

Select the sports center, category and instructors you want in the booking system.

Our website gives you a convenient link to browse directly through each massage therapist's schedule.

Where can I see, if the room, hall or court is available for use?

From the Facility Calendar you can see if there is a class, a course or other activity in our training facilities, or if the space is available.

Some of our facilities, such as the course space at Kluuvi K2 gym, are intended primarily for classes and courses. When not in use, feel free to use it for your workout!

Gyms cannot be reserved for personal use, but group training halls and ball sport courts are available for reservations. One-time booking can be made under Court and Hall Reservations. you can see the hourly rates for the halls and courts in the booking view.

The benefits of the new system

The new system enables many flexible service usage and payment options that our customers have been wishing for. In addition, the calendar view that subsided as the Unisport website was renewed will return along with the new system. The class selection can be viewed as a list as well as a calendar. 10-visit cards will be replaced with an RFID-card that can be scanned by the new access control devices and that can also be purchased online. 10-visit cards will also contain reservation rights to the group exercise and ball sports classes.

The new system, Enkora, is already used by many companies in the sport industry. The service system is easy to use, it functions on different kinds of data terminal equipment and can also be integrated adaptively eg. with the Unisport website. The goal of this system renewal is to ensure flexible service use when it comes to the varying needs of our clients and to allow more agility to our service production processes.