personal trainer with a man and a women customer at the gymt kuntosalilla

Sanna Elonen

Personal Trainer (PT level 2)
Sanna Elonen unisport personal trainer


  • Bachelor of Sports Studies
  • Les Mills group exercise instructor
  • cross-training instructor
  • Fustra Personal Trainer
  • running coach
  • currently studying to become a fire fighter at the Helsinki Rescue School.

Background in exercise and work experience

I have worked in the field of sports and exercise for more than ten years, among other things as a project manager, gym manager and entrepreneur.

I have studied, competed and performed in the field of sports and exercise both nationally and internationally and find myself regularly involved in different types of events and projects. I have instructed various levels of groups, ranging from children to athletes, in Finland and around the world. I have completed a Bachelor’s degree in sports studies, as well as shorter courses and certifications with the aim of developing my knowledge in my field. I presently focus on individual coaching and on personal training services for clients with highly challenging goals or issues that call for close examination.


I have an extensive work history in sports and exercise and as a personal trainer. This helps me, as a professional, to identify individual differences and understand the challenges involved in, for example, weight loss or power generation. My love for my profession shows above all in my great work motivation and my ambition to make a real difference to my clients’ results. I am energetic, punctual and determined. I emphasise the role of mental capital and belief in yourself as the number one training method and as key to achieving results. If you want lasting changes, you must understand and internalise your goals. I know how to motivate and instruct clients both physically and mentally, and always do my best to explain to my clients why my plans and recommendations will be of the greatest benefit to them. My fields of strength include: motivation, muscle mechanics and the enhancement of power generation, muscle innervation, treatment of muscle imbalance, weight loss and holistic lifestyle changes, functional training and cross-training, mindfulness, increasing the range of motion, and nutrition plans.

Exercise and wellbeing are a must for me, and working in these fields is the only natural option for me. I am easy to approach and enjoy interactive work, which I believe is one of my strengths. Above all, we will have fun working out together.

My own training

My workouts are extremely versatile, which is also what I advocate in my work. I have a background in a wide range of sports and still carry on with many different hobbies, such as martial arts, long-distance running and ballet. One reason for my versatile training are my ongoing studies at the Helsinki Rescue School. Fire fighters must be extremely fit all-round and have nerves of steel. That is why I train both endurance and strength, without forgetting range of motion and agility. I have a very functional and practical style of training, keeping the pace high, but safe, and effective. What is most important is to enjoy training and listen to your body.


Finnish, English, Swedish