Meeri Anttila

Personal Trainer (PT level 2)
UniSport Personal Trainer Meeri Anttila


  • Physiotherapist
  • Nutrition coach (FIHF)
  • Yoga instructor
  • University studies of English and psychology

Exercise background and work experience

I have a broad background competing in athletics, team sports as well as in individual sports. Nowadays my own training comprises mostly of gym training, dancing, jogging and yoga. I've been working in the field of healthcare and sports since 2010 as a sports & fitness instructor, physiotherapist, personal trainer and nutrition coach.


My strengths include goal-oriented and versatile gym-, mobility- and endurance coaching, long-term lifestyle changes as well as weight loss and -management. I am educated and experienced in rehabilitating work- and sports related injuries and disabilities, eg. problems with joints, back or neck. I'm also happy to instruct people who are not accustomed to doing sports, but would like to begin gym training or find motivation to exercise.

What inspires me in coaching?

In addition to enhancing the client's physical condition, I'm interested in improving their comprehensive wellbeing, taking into consideration for example nutrition and recovery. The best part of my job is seeing my client reach their goals and learn to make positive changes in their lifestyle.

You define the goal, I help you find the way.


Finnish and English

Sports centres

City center, also other at centres upon request.