Renewed Indoor Cycling Classes

22/11/2019 - 14:41
Intelligentcycling easy ja endurance classes at UniSport
All new indoor cycling classes at UniSport are introduced in the beginning of the Autumn semester on September 1st. You can choose from four different classes based on your personal background and goals with regards to the workout.

The Autumn semester brings new indoor cycling classes to the UniSport class schedule. The four new weekly classes are: Spin Easy, Spin Endurance, Spin Intensive and Spin Heavy. The intensity levels of the classes vary, beginning from the lightest, Spin Easy, and ending with Spin Heavy, which is the most strenuous of the four. The power zones of each class vary according to the type of the class, and color codes depict the intensity level of each class. During a class you are able to follow its progress from the widescreens of the studio while simultaneously keeping track of your workout via the free IntelligentCycling app, which is downloadable from your phone’s app store. While the app is not necessary for participating in the classes, you can, for example, use it to find out your personal workout zones by completing the FTP-test available in the app.

The Class Levels

  • The blue Spin Easy class is for anyone just getting started with indoor cycling or looking for a lighter workout.
  • The green Spin Endurance classes are great for improving physique without rendering the cyclist too out of breath.

In Spin and Endurance classes you cycle through a virtual landscape while keeping track of your workout and power zones.

  • During a yellow Spin Intensive class, you cycle with more velocity, getting fairly winded from time to time.
  • The red Spin Heavy class is recommended for experienced indoor cyclists looking for a challenging workout. The class alternates between strenuous and lighter sections.

In Intensive and Heavy classes, the exercises are projected on the screens, enabling you to simultaneously keep track of your workout and power zones. Additionally, the already-familiar MyRide classes are open for reservation in the group class schedule. Outside these prescheduled virtual classes visible in the calendar, the studio is always open for independent cycling workouts. UniSport offers facilities for indoor cycling in Kluuvi and Meilahti.