We are developing our services based on our customer survey

29/3/2019 - 10:12
UniSport enemmän kuin liikuntaa
We received over 1600 answers in our customer survey this spring! We want to thank everyone who took the time to give us feedback! Below are some of the responses to the most common feedback.

We have read all the responses from our customer survey. The amount of valuable feedback enables us to further develop our services. Please keep giving us feedback, so we can continue providing better services for you! You can give feedback via the feedback machines at our gyms, our website or to our staff directly. Below we have listed some of the common feedback we received and the actions we have taken to react to the feedback. We are pleased that we have been able to fulfill some of your requests already.  

Kumpula, Otaniemi and Meilahti are open for longer on Saturdays

Lots of our customers gave feedback regarding our opening hours on Saturdays. From March the 1st 2019, UniSport Kumpula, Otaniemi and Meilahti will be open until 20.15 on Saturdays for the rest of the spring. We hope that you enjoy the extra training time!

We also received feedback regarding the possibility of having our gyms open 24/7.  Providing 24/7 access to the gyms and other spaces is challenging, as we want to ensure the safety of entering and using our facilities. Our main goal is to give top-quality customer service and to guarantee that the customer service is there to help during operating hours.

Positive feedback regarding group training and requests for new classes

Our group training classes received lots of positive feedback regarding their versatility as well as the inspiring and professional instructors. We also received requests for new classes. All new classes must fit the big picture: our goal of providing a diverse range of different types of classes.  

Proving new classes means often removing other classes, which can upset some customers. When planning group training classes, we aim to take into account as many types of customers as possible. For example, we offer easy-going classes in the afternoons, so that people can participate after work.  

Courses are held according to interests

We received requests to provide more advanced courses. We are more than pleased to organize advanced courses, when there is a demand for them. Unfortunately, at the moment, there has not been enough demand to make advanced courses happen.

Gym equipment requests

Our versatile selection of gym equipment was mentioned frequently. We also received some requests for specific equipment. When acquiring new equipment, we must consider the availability of space in the gyms.

The smaller exercise equipment in the gyms are updated regularly. We continue developing the selection according to training trends and requests.

We are exploring the possibility of adding more space for free weight training, in locations where the space is not limited.

Reorganizing at UniSport Kluuvi

UniSport Kluuvi is an excellent and well-equipped location, according to the customer feedback! We aim to continue providing these high-quality services in the future.

We received feedback on the cramped changing rooms and lack of lockers in Kluuvi. This is why we have made alterations in the changing rooms in February to make them more spacious. Currently, we are exploring the possibility of adding more changing rooms to Kluuvi.  

We will also aim to optimize the gym area in Kluuvi, so that it provides a space for efficient training.

Improving the usability of our new website

UniSport has been working intensively on developing our website to be as user-friendly as possible. We want to thank our customers for their patience and all the feedback on the website we have received. This feedback has been used to improve the website. Functionality of our online services is extremely important, which we will continue developing. Our next aim is to improve usability of the site on all platforms.

Revising our terms of use and reservation policies

The survey showed that our customers are mostly satisfied with our reservation system. Some customers requested the option to reserve a place for more than one class a day.  Currently we are revising our reservation process and the terms of use for all our services, including group training classes. 

Possible changes in our reservation options means making changes to the whole reservation system. This is why the process takes time. Please remember, that you can still participate in two classes, by registering for the later one at the customer service desk.

Positive feedback regarding our services

We received lots of positive feedback regarding our diverse services, our friendly staff and happy atmosphere. We will definitely keep providing all of these!


We hope that you will enjoy our services in the future, too! Please continue giving us feedback, so we can develop our services to suit your needs better.