UniSport's online booking system changes in December

31/10/2019 - 17:13
UniSport will start using a new data system in December. The system change concerns the online booking, customer register and access control system. Changes introduced by the new system will be announced on our website as the implementation progresses.

Unisport is switching their service system during the second week of December. The switch will be visible to our clients online as a new reservation and customer data system and in our centers as new access control equipment.

  • Between the 2nd and the 9th of December reservations can be made in the old as well as in the new system. There will be clear guidance and user instructions to both systems on our website.
  • Starting from Tuesday the 10th of December only the new system will be in use. The updated terms and conditions concern the services and events that are reserved on the new system and take place on or after the 10th of December.
  • The terms and conditions will be updated on our website on the week 45.

The customers will be further informed about the switch and the actions it requires from them on our website, via email and in our customer service as the system initialization proceeds.

The benefits of the new system

The new system enables many flexible service usage and payment options that our customers have been wishing for. In addition, the calendar view that subsided as the Unisport website was renewed will return along with the new system. The class selection can be viewed as a list as well as a calendar. 10-visit cards will be replaced with an RFID-card that can be scanned by the new access control devices and that can also be purchased online. 10-visit cards will also contain reservation rights to the group exercise and ball sports classes.

The new system, Enkora, is already used by many companies in the sport industry. The service system is easy to use, it functions on different kinds of data terminal equipment and can also be integrated adaptively eg. with the Unisport website. The goal of this system renewal is to ensure flexible service use when it comes to the varying needs of our clients and to allow more agility to our service production processes.


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