Unisport opens as of 1.6.2020

14/5/2020 (edited )
iloinen hymyilevä mies kuntosalilla meilahdessa
We will open our sports centres on Monday, June 1 2020 with limited services.

UniSport gradually opens the sports centres and services after the exceptional situation caused by the coronavirus. We ensure the safety of our customers and staff with special arrangements to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. We follow the guidelines of the Government and the University of Helsinki as well as THL's instructions.

On Monday 1.6.2020 we open  

  • Gyms
  • Massage services
  • Personal training services  
  • Ball game groups included in the Training Card
  • Single and regular bookings of courts and facilities, club activities (excluding reservations made for group training).
  • Outdoor classes

Based on the evaluation made by the Coronavirus Management Team of University of Helsinki, group training services can be started indoors no earlier than August 1, 2020

Exercise safely!

Only come when you are healthy. Be sure to take good care of hygiene. Wash your hands thoroughly and often with soap. Cough or sneeze into a handkerchief or into your elbow. Consider other trainers as well as staff and keep the safety distance.  

Special arrangements and instructions   

We will create safe conditions for training and working in the sports centres with following measures:

  • Do not come in if you are ill.
  • We will make it possible to keep the safety distance of 2 meters by making space and equipment arrangements
  • The hourly amount of visitors in the sports centres will be available on our website and in the centres. We recommend exercising at the quieter times.
  • We enhance the cleaning routines and in addition to normal cleaning, the staff performs extra cleaning rounds in the sports centres.
  • Take care of good hand hygiene and use a personal training towel.  
  • Avoid any unnecessary stay in the sports centres. We encourage to take a shower at home. Saunas are not in use.

Customer service

Please use mainly our online service when booking and paying services and the self-service terminals to register in the sports facilities  

  • We do not accept cash (with the exception of sports vouchers).
  • We do not rent or lend any equipment (such as clothes, locks, rackets, hairdryers etc.).


  • There will be a minimum safety distance of 2 meters between cardio equipment.
  • For other equipment, we instruct customers to consider others and keep the distance.
  • Clean the equipment after use.
  • The equipment that cannot be properly cleaned e.g. textile materials cannot be used.


  • Come only when healthy and just before the appointment.  
  • After each massage, the massage therapist disinfects the table and cleans the surfaces.
  • If you get ill, please cancel your reservation as soon as possible online, or by phone if the cancellation time has ended. At this time, we are flexible about our cancellation times.

Personal Training services

  • During the personal training appointment both customer and trainer must avoid contact, keep the safety distance and clean the equipment used.  
  • If you get ill, please cancel your appointment as soon as possible online, or by phone if the cancellation time has ended. At this time, we are flexible about our cancellation times.

Ball game groups, single and regular reservations and club activities  

Regarding to ball games, racket games, club activities and reservations of facilities, activities will continue in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Government on hobby activities in ball sports, the instructions of regional administrative authorities and the sports-specific instructions of sports federations.  

Training cards and 10-visit cards  

If you want to continue to freeze your Training card or 10-visit card because there are no live group training classes available or if you belong to a risk group, it is possible.  

In this case, you can contact UniSport customer service and request a freeze.