Summer opening hours

10/4/2019 - 10:50
UniSport fiilis
UniSport's summer is full of fun exercising and nice vibes! You can continue your exercise routines also during the summer. Below you can find our opening hours for the summer 2019.

UniSport's summer season 1.6.-31.8.2019 opening hours are the following:

UniSport Kluuvi

Mon–Fri 6.30–22

Sat 9–20

Sun 10–20

UniSport Porthania

Porthania has group training classes in the summer 2019! Porthania opens 15 minutes before the start of the first class and closes 30 minutes after the last class. The summer classes can be found in our calendar in May.

UniSport Kumpula

Mon-Thu 6.45–22.15

Fri 6.45–20.15

Sat 9.45–18.15

Sun 9.45–20.15

UniSport Meilahti

Mon-Thu 6.45–22.15

Fri 6.45–21.15

Sat 9.45–17.15

Sun 9.45–20.15

UniSport Otaniemi

Mon-Thu 6.45–22.15

Fri 6.45–20.15

Sat 9.45–18.15

Sun 9.45–20.15


UniSport Viikki is closed for the summer. UniSport Töölö will close due to School of Business building renovation from 12.5.


Exceptional opening hours

Midsummer opening hours

Fri-Sat 21.-22.6.: All the centres are closed

Sun 23.6.: Kluuvi's gym is open 12-18 (no group training classes). The rest of the centres are closed.

Maintenance days in August

Otaniemi maintenance Fri 2.8 .: Otaniemi closed

Otaniemi maintenance Sat 3.8.: Otaniemi open 14.45-22.15

Kluuvi maintenance Tue 6.8.: Kluuvi open 12-22

Meilahti maintenance Wed 7.8.: Meilahti closed

Meilahti maintenance Thu 8.8.: Meilahti open 14.45 -22.15

Kumpula maintenance Fri 9.8.: Kumpula closed

Kumpula maintenance Sat 10.8.:  Kumpula open 14.45-22.15