Outdoor classes start in May!

30/4/2018 - 16:22
During the spring and summer 2018 we have four refreshing outdoor classes that you can participate in.

Running Fitness

Develop your running! The weekly training includes warm-up, coordination part and running exercise which are used to improve technique making running more economical and prevent injuries. The content of the 20-minute interval part varies weekly.

The course is suitable for runners of various levels who practise running regularly. Bring stretchy outdoor clothes, running shoes and a drinking bottle.

Classes starting 7.5.

Outdoor kettlebell 

Muscle training, heart rate lifts, balance and flexibility exercises on the same class! This intensive functional exercise package challenges your body diversely and a professional instructor teaches you the kettlebell techniques. You can pick the kettlebell that matches your level from a wide range. The class is suitable for both beginners and experienced fitness-buffs.

Classes starting 14.5.

Outdoor functional training

Functional training with bodyweight and free weight outdoor. Combine fun training and refreshing outdoor air!

Classes starting 10.5.

Flow Yoga

The Flow yoga classes practice a flowing sequence consisting of various asanas to free and strengthen the body, activate the metabolism and help with deep breathing. The content may vary depending on the instructor and influence is drawn from various yoga methods. 

Classes starting 3.5.