Only one way to UniSport -

1/4/2019 - 12:26
uusi unisport henkilö selaa kännykkää
The UniSport website has being renewed and there is now only one address; The old website has been shut down on Wednesday, March 27. The most crucial technical issues have been fixed and we are continuing the development work aiming at improving the usability of the service.

What happened to the old side-by-side calendar view?

The mobile version of our old website and its user-friendly calendar have been the base for the new site. With our current system, it is technically not possible to create a schedule, which displays events side-by-side on mobile devices. This is also difficult, because we have lots of weekly events happening in several areas at different locations. But improving the usability of the calendar will be one of our next tasks.

Feedback as a tool for development

We would like to thank you for all the valuable feedback we have received regarding the website. Many issues have been fixed thanks to the feedback and we can continue developing it based on the feedback we receive. Alongside the development ideas, we are also happy for the positive feedback we have received.

Thank you for your almost endless patience, and we sincerely apologize for any inconveniences caused by the development work. Our aim is to continue developing and creating a website, which fits the user’s needs and is easy to use.