#Mynewfavclass hunt winners have been drawn

3/4/2019 - 15:41
UniSport Lempitunninjäljillä kevät 2019
Exciting #Mynewfavclass group training hunt took place at our UniSport centres again in March. The prizes of the two-week hunt, a 12-month training card and two 1-month training cards, have now been drawn among the hunters.

#Mynewfavclass group training hunt started at our centres last autumn for the first time. Now during spring season we wanted to encourage our customers to try out different group training classes again in the #Mynewfavclass Spring Edition hunt.

The prizes of the hunt have now been randomly drawn among the returned hunting passes. Congratulations to the winner hunters! We will contact the winners directly.

During the hunt our UniSport group training instructors went live on our Instagram stories @unisportfi. We also got to see our some of our own customers hunting for new favourite classes in the stories. To that, we shared group training tips and etiquette advice on our Instagram and Facebook accounts. We also had the pleasure to have Meri visit our Instagram again, sharing her experiences in the group training hunt. Using the hashtag #Mynewfavclass you can still find a lot of fun material about our group training classes.

#Mynewfavclass hunters wrote down their favourite classes in their returned hunting passes. The favourite classes varied from yoga to bodycombat. Also Zumba and other dance classes turned out to be really popular. Many of the hunters had enjoyed our strength classes such as Circuit Training and BODYPUMP. Let's not forget about recovering and body care: our hunters found our Pilates and Body Care classes important too!

New favourite class hunt can of course continue!

We wish you enjoyable and sporty spring time!