Mobility Testing Stick – now available at our Personal Training Services

11/2/2019 - 09:40
UniSport fiilis
UniSport is now using the latest sports technology! Our Personal Training services will use the Mobility Testing Stick for measuring mobility and much more.

The Mobility Testing Stick is an easy-to-use tool to test your functional mobility, wherever and whenever you want. It measures and analyses numerous movement patterns such as rotations, bendings, straight vertical and horizontal movements as well as static positions.

Your Personal Trainer can use the Mobility Testing Stick to construct easy mobility tests, which accurately show potential differences in your mobility symmetry and movement control. Limitations in mobility can affect reaching your optimal training targets and everyday life. The stick’s sensors give instant feedback by vibrating, if the movement is done incorrectly or the stance is imbalanced.  During testing your Personal Trainer can follow the data provided by the stick from a computer or a tablet.

The tests provide intricate data on how your movements differ from the optimal angles and rotations. The digital training stick provides accurate information about your body’s mobility, which can help you train more efficiently and reach your goals.

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