Get Started in the Gym with TreeniMaisteri Online Coaching

14/9/2020 - 13:22
treenimaisterilogo ja kuva miehestä ja personal trainerista harjoittelemassa kuntosalilla
Start gym workouts with UniSport's online coaching! Training Master online coaching is a motivating and inspiring start for gym training for both beginners and slightly more experienced gym-goers.

UniSport's first online coaching will start in October!

If you have been planning to start gym workout or returning to the gym for example after a break, TreeniMaisteri (Training Master) Online Coaching is for you!

  • We recommend 'bachelor studies' for beginners in gym training. You will get tips on the right techniques from the video library and support for planning your own training from the weekly exercise programmes.
  • The 'master's programme' motivates and gives new ideas to an already slightly more experienced gym-goer. Coaching gives you a kick back to your workout routines as well as ideas and information.

Briefly about TreeniMaisteri

  • 8 weeks online coaching programme (materials at your disposal for 12 weeks)
  • 2 different training programmes for the gym, from which you can choose one or follow both, depending on your starting level and goals.
  • 4 weekly exercise plans to support your training and to help you combine different sports
  • Video library for gym techniques
  • Plenty of material on exercise planning, nutrition and promoting your own health.

So you have a comprehensive package of researched information in your hands to support your gym training - without gimmicks!

Early bird price for coaching 14.-27.9.2020 39 € (normally 49 €). N.B. The coaching is available in Finnish only.

Welcome aboard!