Classes cancelled by UniSport

22/1/2020 - 11:01
Yang woman doing yoga
During January and February, sports centers are traditionally filled with enthusiastic customers. The patience of the customer may be put to the test when they have to queue at the gym and to group training classes. Sometimes the classes also get canceled, even though we do our best to carry out the classes and to find substitute instructors.

In the beginning of the year sports enthusiasts fill the gyms and group training classes at sports centres. This is what happens at UniSport, too. The situation requires a little more patience from customers. The fact that this week, for example, we have had to cancel an exceptional number of classes may increase the irritation factor.

We currently organize about 250 group training classes per week. We measure the amount of classes carried out and our goal is high. We strive to carry out 99% of our group classes out as planned. Before canceling a class, we always try to find a substitute for the instructor; primarily to keep the same class, secondly to keep a similar class. Unfortunately, sometimes the class still ends up being canceled. Cancellations will be informed by sms to those who booked the class at least three hours before the class begins.

We apologize for any inconvenience or annoyance caused by cancellations!