UniSport Kluuvi aula

Instructions for training and answers to more common questions

On this page, we provide answers to most of your questions about the current situation. Here you will also find instructions for training at UniSport at the moment.

If you still have something to ask, contact customer service! We are here for you.

General instructions for training in UniSport
  • Do not come in if you are ill.
  • Take care of good hand hygiene. Wash your hands with soap often and  thoroughly.
  • Cough or sneeze into a handkerchief or into your elbow. Clean the equipment after use.
  • Consider other trainers as well as staff and keep the safety distance.
  • Avoid any unnecessary stay in the sports centres. We encourage to take a shower at home.


Renting the equipment

At the moment unfortunately there is no equipment available to rent. This includes all that is normally available for rent such as rackets, rental clothes, locks and hair dryers.


Guidelines for gym

Safety at the gym is taken into account with following measures:

  • We have arranged the aerobic equipments to keep the 2m safety distance. They have been moved around a bit, so if you cannot find something, please ask from customer service.
  • More space for training is available in group exercise halls.
  • All equipment that cannot be cleaned properly has been removed from the sport centres.

Please follow these guidelines:

  • Take other people into account by keeping the 2 meter distance
  • Clean all the equipment after using them
  • If possible, plan your exercise around the more quiet times, follow the number of visitors.
Guidelines for customer service and paying methods

To minimize the contact at customer service all card readers as well as receipt point are at your disposal.

Unfortunately we cannot accept cash at the moment. However you can pay with exercise vouchers.

We don't rent or loan any equipment such as locks or rackets at the moment and hair dryers are not available.

Please remember that you can for example purchase a training card trough our web store. In sport centres please use self service points when possible to keep the contact minimum.

Booking a massage?

As always, UniSport massage services maintains high level of hygiene. All surfaces and instruments are disinfected between the clients. This helps us to prevent any infections.

At the moment, we have 15min break between all clients. At UniSport Kluuvi two massage rooms have schedules planned so that massage never starts at the same time to minimize contacts.

We follow THL guidelines strictly. No handshakes, washing hands before and after, no touching surfaces if not necessary. We only take customers that are healthy and ask you to arrive promptly when your booking starts.

  • At the moment we are flexible with cancelling appointments. If you get ill, or think you might be getting ill, you can cancel the appointment on previous evening until 8pm by calling  our customer service.
  • If you belong to a COVID-19 risk group, please consider carefully coming to massage.



Ball sport instructions at UniSport

Please read through the instructions concerning the ball sport beforehand.

If you are a couch or contact person, make sure to go through the guidelines with your team or group members as well.


How to freeze your Training card or 10-times card or cancel the freezing?

Your Training card or 10-times card was automatically freezed until 31st May 2020. If you belong to a COVID-19 risk group or would like to continue freezing because indoor group exercise classes are not yet available, it is possible to continue it until 31st July.

In this case you need to contact UniSport customer service by 12.6. and ask freezing by email unisport.asiakaspalvelu@helsinki.fi. We will only freeze the cards that are not used after 31.5.2020.

If you have already freezed your card, but would like to participate on outdoor group training classes, you can also cancel the freezing by contacting customer service unisport.asiakaspalvelu@helsinki.fi.

Can I book a place at the outdoor exercise class by paying for a single visit?

To participate in outdoor exercise classes, you are required to make prior booking through UniSport website. This is to make sure of the required distance between the participant. Online booking also means you don't have to stop at sport centre before class, which helps to minimize the contacts.

If we need to cancel a class due weather, we will let you know in advance.

Outdoor classes will be popular as we don't have indoor classes and there are number limited number of places available so they are reserved for Training card and 10-visit card only.