group smiling after workout

Find Your Sport

UniSport is the university community's meeting place, where experiences are more importat tjan performance. Everyone enjoys exercise once they find the right type for them. UniSport invites you to check out both new and traditional sports and fitness activities.

Besides group training and gym practices, we offer many other activities for all kinds of people. There are many sizes of balls to bounce or kick, or maybe you would like to dance in ballet slippers, or with no shoes at all. If you mind and body crave harmony, you could try pilates, for example. Use our services just the way you wish.

Find your own way to move!


Language of Instruction

Please note that our group training classes are instructed in Finnish, unless otherwise mentioned. But please don't hesitate to ask if you need some guidance in English. The instructors are happy to help. Our classes are also the most fun way to learn some Finnish!

Language of instruction at all our courses is Finnish, unless specifically otherwise mentioned.