5 Ways to Make Exercising Feel Easier

It’s easy to exercise on days that you’re feeling energetic and everyday life seems easy. In this article, UniSport’s planner Jussi Pesola gives his best tips, on how to take advantage of those energetic days to find motivation for the days you feel down or uninspired.

Many of us have sudden sparks of training motivation, which inspire us to start exercising, but only continue exercising for a short period. In these situations, exercising usually becomes irregular and you don’t get to experience all the benefits of training.

If your exercising routines are irregular or you find yourself motivated only temporarily before you lose interest, I recommend that you use those spikes of motivation to your advantage. It’s much easier to make decisions beneficial to your wellbeing in a motivated state of mind. Your future self will thank you, at the latest when you feel the endorphins rushing through your body after a successful workout session.

Jussi’s 5 Top Tips:

>> If it’s been a while since you last exercised or you feel a little unsure about going to the gym, come meet us at UniSport’s free guidance times at our gyms. You do not need to register for these sessions. The guidance times are excellent opportunities to get tips regarding gym training and using the equipment. Find out all our guidance times here

>> Book a time with one of our personal trainers for a personal training plan –  our professional personal trainers can help you by creating a training plan for you, which can boost your motivation. You also gain new ideas and tips, which can help you take your training to the next level.

>> Challenge your friend and agree to go exercise together for example once a week for the next month. This way you can cheer each other on, if you feel unmotivated.  

>> Reserve a place in a new group training class. Finding a new class brings a change to your routines and can help you rediscover your motivation – be brave to change it up!

So, the next time you are feeling energetic and motivated, make a concrete decision which will benefit your health – your future self will thank you!

...and when you have created your own routines and continue exercising, it will become a natural part of your lifestyle, which will be easy to continue all year round. Good luck!

Ps. You can access all our gyms and group training classes with UniSport’s affordable training card. If you have not tried our services before, you are welcome to try out a session free of charge. 

Find out how to start training at UniSport >> here.


The writer Jussi Pesola works as UniSport’s marketing and service planner as well as a course and kettlebell instructor.